Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is blessed with its own unique appeal and is home to some of the Caribbean’s best attractions. Bringing together both British and French influences, the island is a rich tapestry of culture with a distinctly Caribbean feel and own unique patois.

The natural sights here are remarkable, notably the World Heritage-recognised Gros and Petit Pitons: two dramatic peaks in the south of the island that can be scaled under guidance. From volcanic origins, this picturesque island landscape is brimming with lush dense rainforests and beaches steeped in character, all to a backdrop of verdant mountains. Drive into the heart of a volcano, visit the sulphur springs, photograph the most awe-inspiring wild birds, orchids and ferns or take an exhilarating canopy zip-wire over some of these remarkable sights. Saint Lucia is ideal for varied and challenging mountain bike rides and is situated amid some of the most breath-taking diving and snorkelling sites in the whole of the Caribbean. The local gastronomy incorporates French influences with food and drink festivals, street parties and local cultural evenings offering a fascinating insight into life on this beautiful island. Held at the beginning of May each year, the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival is a highly anticipated event in the Caribbean calendar and is not to be missed.

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