Experience soft sand beaches, rich history, and authentic cuisine on this year-round sunny island. Feel the warmth not just from the weather, but also from the smiles of welcoming locals and the family-oriented Cypriot way of life.

Divided between the Greek Cypriot south and Turkish Cypriot north, this diverse destination is steeped in culture, with many commonalities uniting the two halves. A sense of community and tradition permeates the island, adding to its unique Mediterranean charm. Impressive resorts line the marinas and coasts, offering fabulous options for couples and families, plus boutique properties can be found in the towns and cities like Limassol. Off resort, a world of outdoor pursuits awaits; with the beaches and blue seas playing host to countless watersports, and the wildflower-studded meadows, valleys, and vineyards of the interior providing excellent hiking and biking. Explore the ancient past of the mountaintop castles and Byzantine churches, plus many other archaeological sites. While the great outdoors holds plenty to see and do, one of the great joys of a Cyprus holiday is sharing in the local cuisine, with a feast of small dishes, fresh salads, creamy hummus, and everything in between.

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    One of the standout properties on the Cypriot luxury hotel scene, Anassa continues to be a firm favourite among discerning travellers, and for good reason. It is sophisticated, secluded and serene, with internal and external space [...]

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  • Amara

    Bask in infinite views of the bright blue sea from every corner of this sleek hotel. Crisp and contemporary, AMARA is one of Limassol’s finest hotels, showcasing modern luxury, gourmet restaurants, a lavish spa, a great kids’ [...]

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  • Columbia Beach Resort Pissouri

    Situated in the peaceful Bay of Pissouri, Columbia Beach Resort radiates the charm and character of traditional Cypriot architecture, with low-rise buildings, honey-coloured stone walls and quaint archways leading to vibrant groun [...]

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